Grief to Grace

Grief to Grace

It’s time to stop ignoring your hurt. There is hope. There is healing. There is a program for you.

Restore Dignity is licensed by Grief to Grace and the Living Scripture Institute to provide Grief to Grace healing retreats in English and Spanish for anyone who has suffered abuse, neglect, or traumatic events.

Be Free

Not addressing the past and living in a type of denial allows the past to dominate thought processes, create blind spots and replay itself in daily life among numerous other things.

An unaddressed past wears out the body physically, psychologically, and emotionally; or cripples individuals by creating a mental loop of despair.  What is not healed in the mind plagues the body, hides the heart and weighs heavy on the soul.  What are the consequences for their relationships, jobs, families, and overall health? By not addressing abuse individuals fail to recognize the significant negative effects of abuse, the lies in their everyday relationships, and the physical manifestations.

You need a breakthrough.

Stepping out of denial and recognizing a need for help is the single most difficult part of the healing journey.  Those who have been abused know what it is like to endure great suffering alone and tend to continue the path of isolation.   Those who walk this path really believe they are in control and there is no better way.  Is healing possible?  Yes.

What is Grief to Grace? Where did it come from?

Grief to Grace is a professional, faith-based, 5-day program designed to help participants address abuse-related trauma. Through a holistic approach, as well as the Sacramental focus, Grief to Grace truly allows for the whole person – heart, mind, body, and soul – to be healed and renewed.

Written by Dr. Theresa Burke, foundress of Rachel’s Vineyard retreats for post-abortive men and women, the Grief to Grace program offers support and healing to those in need. Through multifaceted activities and proven therapeutic techniques, participants learn how to process and resolve their trauma. Dr. Burke came to Phoenix for the first retreat held in February of 2015, and she continues to provide training and support for the Phoenix-based team.  To find out more about Grief to Grace and Dr. Theresa Burke, visit the Grief to Grace website.

Experience Healing

It’s time to stop ignoring your hurt. There is hope. There is healing. There is a retreat for you.

Grief to Grace

Healing the Wounds of Abuse 

2024 Phx Programs

  • June 16th – 21st, 2024 (Native American)
  • September 8th – 13th, 2024

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, interrupted sleep, bursts of anger, or emotional numbness, it could be from unresolved abuse. Give yourself the gift of this retreat.

This retreat is a spiritual program for anyone who has suffered degradation or violation through physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual abuse. It is appropriate for anyone who has endured sexual abuse, rape, incest, or other forms of traumatic violation in childhood or adolescence. It is also appropriate for anyone who has been abused by clergy.

Grief to Grace invites participants to journey through this program in the name of love – love for themselves, love for family and friends, love for those who have suffered unspeakable abuse and mistreatment, and love for the Church – the suffering body of Christ, who cries out for comfort and consolation in the midst of profound betrayal and abandonment.

The program offers a very unique process for helping victims of abuse to grieve the past and discover spiritual healing and transformation. Dr. Theresa Burke who is the founder of the world wide successful post abortive healing retreat -Rachel’s Vineyard – composed this program which is now becoming worldwide because of its successful healing experienced from survivors.

What to Expect

Who is invited?

G2G retreats are open to any adult who has experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse, trauma, or neglect. Participants include men, women, and religious. There is no requirement for previous healing therapy or treatment, and participants may have years of healing and therapy or none at all.

When is the next program?

2024 Dates in Phx, AZ

  • June 16th – 21st, 2024 (Native American)
  • September 8th – 13th, 2024

Additional retreats are also hosted by other organizations nationally and internationally and dates are available at the Grief to Grace website.

Where is the program held?

For the safety of participants, the location is confidential and shared only with registered participants and the team.

Lodging and Transportation

Each participant has a private room and bathroom. Locations are chosen to provide comfort, privacy, and peaceful surroundings. Lodging is included with the registration.


Participants traveling from out of state fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor airport and the team will arrange transportation from the airport to the facility. Local participants may provide their own transportation or request assistance if needed.


All meals are included with registration and are provided by professional catering services on-site at the center. Special care is taken to ensure meals are tasty and healthful to support the physical and mental healing work of the program. Specific dietary needs should be communicated at the time of registration and most can be easily accommodated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this retreat confidential?

Yes. We understand that your privacy is important for your safety and to protect your right to share what you decide, when you decide, and with whom you decide.

Do you attend the retreat alone, or can you bring a family member with you?

Family members are not allowed to accompany a participant, however, in some cases couples or a parent and adult child have attended the retreat together as participants at the same time. It is  recommended that participants attend the retreat alone to provide complete freedom to respond to the retreat programming without fear or concern for the reactions of those who may be close to you, whether they are supportive of your healing, or not.

Where will I stay? What are the accommodations like?

Each retreat participant has a private room and bathroom. Retreat locations are chosen to provide comfort, privacy, and peaceful surroundings. Lodging is included with the retreat registration.

Explain to me how you priced the retreat.

The price of the retreat only covers the actual expenses incurred including the retreat facility rental, food, materials, and fees for the professional therapists on the team. Our other team leaders, members of the preparation and planning team and prayer support group all donate their time to make the retreats possible and to help keep costs down.

Do you offer scholarships for people to attend the retreat but cannot afford it?

We do and we ask that if you would like to attend a retreat, but are not sure about the cost, that you fill out an application and then discuss your situation with our confidential intake coordinator. Each case is considered individually. We understand that people who have suffered trauma and abuse may have unstable lives and financial resources. We also encourage each participant to have a stake in their healing and participants who pay for all or part of their retreat cost often feel more invested in their healing which can actually help them get more out of the retreat.

What kind of followup is there after the retreat?

Participants receive materials to continue their healing journey at the close of the retreat. Each participant is invited to join a private social media group allows voluntary on-going communication. In addition, team leaders check-in with each participant over the months following the retreat to offer support and answer questions. Locally, in Arizona, Restore Dignity offers resources for participants to explore other groups, workshops, and media according to their needs and interests.

What does the retreat schedule look like?

Once you arrive and check in, there is time to get settled into your room. The program begins the first evening and the time is carefully structured and scheduled throughout the week. Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Confession are offered throughout the week, but not required as part of the retreat.

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