About Us

Restore Dignity is a Phoenix-based nonprofit healing ministry focused on providing survivors of traumatic events support and tools to heal and understand the fullness of dignity they possess in Christ in which each person was created.

About Restore Dignity

1. Why does Restore Dignity exist?

God in His great mercy wants to heal us if we dare to walk the path. Restore Dignity exists to help people to recover from the spiritual and physical degradation caused by abuse and trauma to reclaim a whole and joyful life rooted in the knowledge of each person’s inherent dignity.

2. Who does Restore Dignity serve?

Restore Dignity serves those who have experienced trauma directly and those affected by the ripples of such events.

While our perspective and approach flows from our belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity and our practice of the Catholic Faith, we welcome and respect any person desiring to travel the path of healing.

3. What specifically does Restore Dignity do for this group?

We work to identify, share, promote and facilitate healing resources that are diverse, safe, credible, effective and authentic.

Restore Dignity

  • Hosts Grief to Grace Healing Retreats in Arizona with highly trained retreat teams, professional counselors, and access to spiritual and sacramental support.
  • Hosts relevant and inspiring and informational digital content on our website, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Sponsors informational and training workshops for:
    • Mental health professionals
    • Pastoral care ministers and leaders
    • Priests and deacons
    • General public
    • Retreat team leaders
    • Parishes, schools and ministry leaders
  • Increases public awareness of the symptoms of trauma and potential for healing through special events such as Masses, prayer vigils, symposia, speaking engagements, and personal testimonials.
  • Partners and collaborate with and promotes other faith-based and secular organizations offering healing services and resources in alignment with Restore Dignity’s mission.
  • Facilitates on-going post-retreat peer support groups.
  • Coordinates a dedicated prayer support team.
  • Develops relationships with a network of vetted and supportive professional counseling and therapeutic professionals.

4. Where and when are the retreats that you host?

We host Grief to Grace healing retreats in Arizona about twice a year. This special, intensive program was created by Dr. Theresa Burke, the founder of Rachel’s Vineyard.

5. What is the purpose of this website?

This site serves as a catalyst to connect those who need healing and are curious about the healing journey to real solutions and practical steps to walk down the path of truth and peace.

6. What is the story behind Restore Dignity?

Restore Dignity was founded in the Diocese of Phoenix in 2014 by a small group of men and women who experienced the Grief to Grace healing retreat and felt called to bring this program to Arizona. Soon after, we realized, not surprisingly, that not only is there a vast need for healing of the body and soul, but there are also many beautiful resources available to begin or continue deep restoration. We are immensely grateful for the enthusiastic and robust support from our Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted to found this ministry and for the outpouring of grace of the Holy Spirit that has lifted this ministry so that many may be healed.

Our Board of Directors